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A Silly Story of Bondapalli

A Silly Story of Bondapalli

A Silly Story of Bondapalli


A Silly Story of Bondapalli, is a whimsical book written by Shamim Padamsee and illustrated by Ashok Rajagopalan from the stable of Tulika Publishers.

What is the book about:       

A prince who is a picky eater, a family who will stop at nothing to make him eat, and a cook who serendipitously discovers the one dish that the prince will willingly eat… Heard enough? A Silly Story of Bondapalli is the story of how a cook discovers Bondas, thereupon influencing the renaming of a tiny kingdom to Bondapalli, the land of bondas and bonda-like people!

You can almost… almost… taste the wonderful or is it bondaful(?!) bondas, as they sizzle and swell in the oil, while the writer takes you on a gastronomic journey that leaves you longing for the fried goodness! And when Bondapalli is under the threat of a siege, read the book to know how the bondas eventually rose to the rescue of the kingdom of Bondapalli in this whimsical and funny book that will leave your child screaming BOING BOING as they jump on the bed!

What we loved about the book:

The layout of the sentences in the book encapsulates the actions on each page, and the lovely illustrations by the Gajapati Kulapati fame Ashok Rajagopalan bring the story of Shamim vividly to life in this book that will leave your toddler laughing hard while clutching his sides. A must read!


Publisher Recommended Age - 5+ years due to length but a 3 year old will enjoy this too!


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