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Book Review - A Home of Our Own

Book Review - A Home of Our Own

A Home of Our Own is written by Meghaa Agarwalillustrated by Habib Ali and published by Tulika Publishers.



Meghaa Agarwal paints a moving picture of the indomitable spirit of childhood amidst poverty in A Home of Our Own. 

Children all over the world love to play House-House, but this game takes on a different, more poignant layer when played by children who have never known a home of their own. Dulaari, Sunehri, Deepa, Manohar, Salma, Aseem and Reshma start playing House-House, and none of their props for the game are what you would expect - such a privilege check for the reader.

Broken cups and plates, plastic bottles, empty chips packets, wet mud, a few spare parts from a bike, a paint bucket and an empty cardboard box - one person's trash becomes these children's treasure. And when rain threatens to play spoilsport, an abandoned car becomes their home.

Habib Ali's pictures and Meghaa's words intersperse to provide us a picture of joy amidst poverty in this book that gives readers a harsh reality check, while softening the blow for the younger readers.



5+ years


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