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Book Review - Aamu's Kawandi

Book Review - Aamu's Kawandi

Aamu's Kawandi by Shrujana Niranjani Shridhar, and published by Katha, focuses on the Siddi tribal community in India, whose ancestors migrated from Africa 400 years ago to India.



Aamu, the protagonist of this book, is a little Siddi girl living in Mainalli village in Karnataka. Aamu's Amma makes the most lovely kawandis - patchwork quilts from upcycled clothes, painstakingly stitched together.

But Aamu makes her own kawandi too. And Aamu's kawandi is even more special than her Amma's, because it is not made of cloth, but of paper, woven together with her lovely memories and day to day scenes straight out of her daily life!



6+ years



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