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Book Review - Ammachi's Amazing Machines

Book Review - Ammachi's Amazing Machines

Book Review – Ammachi’s Amazing Machines


On the occasion of Earth Day 2019, it is, but befitting that we review the book “Ammachi’s Amazing Machines” written and illustrated in brilliant detail by Rajiv Eipe and published by Pratham Books.


What is the book about?

Sooraj and his Ammachi (South Indian word for grandmother) set out to make coconut burfis together in this zesty tale of an adventurous Ammachi who uses STEM techniques to make the burfis that Sooraj so loves.

What do we love about this book?

This book, at its heart, is a great STEM book for its exhibition of the concepts of plane, lever, wheel and axle, wedge, pulley and screw being used in real life. Watch as these concepts come to life in painstaking detail as Sooraj and his Ammachi make burfis from scratch.

But the real star of the book is the sustainable, eco-friendly practices and the rainwater harvesting techniques that Ammachi has cleverly incorporated in her house. Pay close attention to the first few pages. The rainwater from the roof gets collected in a tank, which Ammachi later uses to water plants. Watch as she uses a bottle with holes to water the plants. Watch the path of the water from the sink drain as it makes its way to the plants! Ammachi even has an eco-friendly solution to catch the excess water from the plants!

Publisher Recommended Age 

This is a Level 2 Reading book by Pratham.

Read this book to your children for a sneak peek into STEM concepts and sustainable living in daily life.

Ammachi’s Amazing Machines is available to read for free on and also to buy on our bookstore at


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