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Book Review -  Ari

Book Review - Ari

Ari, written by Vaishali Shroff, and illustrated by Kavita Singh Kale, explores the world of a soft, and sensitive child in a non-stereotypical manner. Ari is published by Tulika Publishers.



Ari is thrilled when his teacher announces that they are looking for volunteers to perform for a class play based on the tale The Lion and The Mouse.

Ari loves to act and he just KNOWS he will make an excellent lion, after all, even his name means lion!

But he is disappointed when his feeble attempts at volunteering to act are unheard by the teacher.

Back home, Ari heads, feeling dejected. But does this faze him? NO!

Read the book to know how shy Ari gets to enact a roaring, growling lion in this lovely tale by Vaishali Shroff!



5+ years


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