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Book Review - Behind The Lie

Book Review - Behind The Lie

As a parent, I am constantly faced with this dilemma - should I read a hard hitting book to my child? Or let said child bask in the innocence of childhood a bit longer?⠀

I have often pushed myself to choose the former. Why, you ask? Because, you see, knowledge IS power. Because, I would rather have my child better prepared to deal with the truth, however uncomfortable it is, than be sheltered behind lies.⠀

What would you do if you were a child, and your parent was the victim/perpetrator of domestic violence or abuse?⠀


"Behind The Lie", written by Asha Nehemiah, illustrated starkly by Aindri C, and published by @pratham.books takes us behind the lie of the mother who is a victim of domestic violence, and how it affects the children of the family. 

But, hold on. This is not just a story with an end that ties up all too neatly. NO. The reality is never all roses, we know that! ⠀


Behind the Lie lets children know the ways in which they can deal with the domestic abuse situation in their houses. And that while a clean break from the abuser may not always be a possibility in the face of financial dependence, it offers a glimmer of hope by discussing other ways in which a victim of domestic violence can seek solace.⠀

Publisher's recommended age group :

This is a LEVEL 4 Pratham Book, for advanced readers

At The Nestery, we have clubbed this book, and four other hard-hitting books as part of a combo "Reality Check" for older children.⠀

Buy it here - (⠀

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