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Book Review - Binti Knows Her Mind

Book Review - Binti Knows Her Mind

Binti Knows Her Mind, published by Pratham Books, is written by Richa Jha and illustrated by Kalyani Naravane.



Binti is super excited because it is a special day for Dadi. You see, her Dadi is graduating at 70 years, and everyone is getting ready to go to the graduation ceremony!

But then, Pinku and his family turn up - Pinku is a bully, and his mom pinches Binti's cheeks everytime they meet. But Binti knows just how she can get away this time!

Binti always knows her mind and Binti can do everything she sets her mind to! She may miss the first time, but she knows that repeated tries yield success!



3-6 years


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