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Book Review - Breakfasts of India

Book Review - Breakfasts of India

"Breakfasts of India", published by Kutuki, is a book about the diversity of India, shown through its food.



Somewhere in Tamilnadu presumably, is a child eating Dosa with Chutney for breakfast. As he wonders what his friends in other parts of the country might be eating, the readers join him on a diverse culinary journey, one that traverses the length and breadth of the country.

Every region is covered, from the Misal Pav of Maharashtra to the Dal Pakwaan from the region of Sind, Methi Tepla from Gujarat to the Chira-doi-gur from Assam and even the Pesarattu Upma of Andhra Pradesh and the Kadala Curry with Puttu of Kerala!

India is a country with a rich, multi cultural and secular heritage and Kutuki emphasizes the diversity of India through "Breakfasts of India" - unique breakfast foods from all regions of India find a mention with beautiful illustrations to go with them all!⠀

If you are looking for books to teach your very young child (3-7 years) about India's diversity, look no further than Kutuki's "Breakfasts of India" and "New Years of India"!


3-7 Years


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