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Book Review - Elements of Tulika Book Combo

Book Review - Elements of Tulika Book Combo

Elements of Tulika is a book combo curated by The Nestery. It  comprises of of 5 books from Tulika about Air, Space, Earth, Earth's Surface and Water, told in story form. This set of books was developed as a classroom project with Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bengaluru and published by Tulika. Some of the books in this series are also part of list of recommended books by CBSE for schools.



If you are looking for some Indian books that give your child their first look at the world of science, you should definitely consider this set of books from Tulika, sold as "Elements of Tulika" book combo at The Nestery. What makes this set of books unique are its off-beat protagonists - Dhooli, Bhoomi, Gitti, Beeji, and Boondi - components of the subjects being discussed!

  • Dhooli's Story (Air) - Why does the sky look pink in the morning and yellowish orange or red in the evening? If your child has ever asked you this question, it is time to meet Dhooli! Dhooli is a minute dust particle who takes us on a journey through the sky, and introduces us to her role in changing the color of the sky. Also discussed in snippet form are the layers of the earth's atmosphere, why a rainbow occurs and much more, in an age appropriate manner.
  • Bhoomi's Story (Space) - Learn about the universe, the Sun and its family, the earth and its friend - the moon, the constellations, asteroids, meteors and more in this book through Bhoomi, our earth.
  • Gitti's Story (Earth) - Gitti, the little rock, who rests on the top of a mountain after a long arduous journey through the ages, shares his story. How were rocks formed? What is under earth, all the way to its center? Why do earthquakes and volcanoes occur? What is so unique about the earth that it supports life on it? This and many more answers are discussed in this book in simple language, easy to grasp for a primary school going child.
  • Beeji's Story (Earth's Surface) - Beeji is a super-seed who is flying around the earth, taking us to its different land forms - its icy poles, hot deserts, cool mountains, dense jungles - see it all through the eyes of Beeji. Also learn how these different forms of land were formed by movements in the earth's crust - did you know that the North Pole is actually a huge sheet of water floating on the Arctic Ocean, while the South pole is on land - the frozen continent of Antartica!
  • Boondi's Story (Water) - An interesting way to look at the water cycle! Boondi is a little drop of water - rolling and tumbling in the river, he suddenly realises he is flying up into the sky! Will he come back to earth, and if he does, where will he land? Learn about the water cycle and understand why water on earth is important for sustenance of life on earth.



6+ Years


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