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Book Review - Elephants Never Forget!

Book Review - Elephants Never Forget!

Book Review – Elephants Never Forget

From the house of Tara Books comes Elephants Never Forget!, a beautiful story of loyalty and integration, strikingly illustrated in minimal color by Christiane Pieper and written in rhyming verse by Anushka Ravishankar.


What the book is about –

This stirring book follows the journey of an elephant that gets caught in a storm only to realize that he is away from his herd. At first frightened of being alone, the elephant tentatively joins a herd of buffaloes, and slowly but surely builds a new life with his newfound friends. As they move through the jungle, the elephant stays on with the buffaloes, sometimes clearing the buffaloes’ path, at times giving them a shower bath, finding them food, and keeping them safe from the predatory tiger in the jungle. Although he looks nothing like a buffalo, the elephant comes to identify himself as a buffalo until one day, when he meets a herd of elephants who trumpet out to him to join them. Who is he now??? An elephant… or still a buffalo…???


What we loved about the book –

The book reminds you of Julia Donaldson’s Tyrannosaurus Drip due to the similarity of storyline, albeit with a different ending. The book lightly touches on the themes of adoption, integration, diversity, loyalty, and is an excellent read for a young child. Adopted children will relate to the message well, as will children who are “different” in any way and finding it difficult to merge into a new group. The placement of the sound words make them feel like a part of the illustrations and the artful use of minimal color makes the book stand apart.


Publisher Recommended Age – 6+ for readers, but can be read aloud to your 3 year old.


Elephants Never Forget! is an apt read for a young child especially when they are going through a tough time while trying to integrate themselves into a new group, for an adopted or foster child going through the phase of adjustment in a new family or for them to know that they do not need to follow the metaphorical herd when it comes to forging their identity!



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