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Book Review - Gatila

Book Review - Gatila

Developing confidence and learning to be comfortable in one's own skin, quite literally, is Gatila, the black color cow in this lovely tale from Katha India, by Lisa Das Noronha and Anjora Noronha.



Gatila the black cow hates being black - so much that she tries to color herself everyday in a multitude of colors with the paints in the cowshed. One day she is a green cow, the next day she is a tiger striped cow, and another day she is a royal blue peacock colored cow. But none of these colors make her happy or comfortable. What's more, all colors run when it rains!⠀

But Gatila finally learns how her color doesn't matter at all - not one bit, because she is still loved very much by one little girl in the house irrespective of the color of her skin.⠀

What a beautiful way to teach children that their identity lies not in how they look, but in who they are on the inside.⠀



3+ years

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