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Book Review - How to Weigh An Elephant

Book Review - How to Weigh An Elephant

We all love and want women in STEM, don't we?⠀

Well, this one, here, is a lovely little STEM story!⠀



A king wants to know exactly how heavy his roly poly elephant is. And now, it is upto his subjects to measure and find out!⠀

So, just how would you weigh a humongous elephant???⠀

Little Lilavati, one of the court scientist's daughters has the perfect answer!⠀

Head to The Nestery's IGTV to catch a glimpse of this clever little book by from Katha India, written by Geetha Dharmarajan and illustrated by Wen Hsu.


2+ years

Buy How to Weigh An Elephant at The Nestery here -


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