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Book Review - I am Aan

Book Review - I am Aan

I am Aan, by Meenakshi Bharadwaj and illustrated in a stunning colorful palette by Christopher Corr, is published by Katha India.


Deep in the Western Ghats, a baby elephant is born. Aan is a male calf, who lives with his herd, led by Dadi Rani, the matriarch of the elephant herd. This is Aan's story of growing up, from being a carefree baby calf, to becoming an adult male who has to leave the herd and live separately.

While a story of growing up at its heart, I am Aan very accurately describes the lives of the elephant herd and their living habits in a story form, with interesting elephant trivia thrown in as a bonus. For example, did you know that elephants have greeting ceremonies for their friends when they meet them after a long time?!



4+ years

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