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Book Review - I Didn't Understand!

Book Review - I Didn't Understand!

Empathy is the ability to interpret and comprehend what another person is feeling or maybe even thinking. Simply put, it means to put yourself in someone else's shoes.⠀

While it is easy to have empathy for someone who is just like us, it might be a tad bit more difficult to cultivate empathy for those who are different from us. But the latter kind of empathy is the one that can promote positive social behavior and encourage acceptance of diversity.⠀



And that is what "I didn't understand" by Mini Shrinivasan, illustrated by Shubham Lakhera and published by Tulika Books sets out to do.⠀

"I Didn't Understand" is narrated from the perspective of Manna.⠀

Manna has Downs Syndrome, and Mini chooses to write in Manna's voice, to take us through the guileless thought process of a neuro-atypical child.⠀

‘This is a story of three things that happened in my school yesterday.⠀
I did not understand them. Maybe you will.’⠀

What Manna didn't understand, the reader will. And what they read will make them feel unsettled, and maybe, just maybe, react with empathy, the next time they find themselves in a similar situation.


Publisher Recommended Age:

4+ years

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