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Book Review - I'm So Sleepy

Book Review - I'm So Sleepy

Book Review – I’m So Sleepy

Today, on March 18, we celebrate World Sleep Day with an endearing book from the Baby Bahadur series published by Tulika Publishers – “I’m So Sleepy” written by Radhika Chadha and illustrated by Priya Kurian.

Baby Bahadur, the little baby elephant is very very sleepy, but he has forgotten how to sleep! His Amma is away, so Bahadur turns to his animal friends for help, but it turns out they all sleep in their own different ways!


What the book is about:

Baby Bahadur is a forgetful baby elephant – so forgetful that he once forgot how to drink water! And now he is immensely sleepy but he just cannot remember how to go to sleep. Amma is away visiting Gita Aunty, so Bahadur decides to ask his friends for help.

Shanmugam - the Lion sleeps all day, Mannu – the Monkey sleeps on the branch of a tree, Ritu – the Rabbit sleeps in a burrow, Chandu – the Crocodile sleeps on a rock in the middle of the river, Paytu and her baby pigs sleep squished together in a mud pit, and Kamalnayan – the Camel sleeps sitting on the sand! Baby Bahadur knows that he is just not physically capable of sleeping like how his friends sleep, however sleepy he is.

Hutoxi – the Horse comes to his rescue finally! The now sleep deprived Bahadur sees that she is sleeping propped against a tree while standing up and suddenly recollects that elephants can sleep standing up or sleep lying down – so what does he do? He immediately bids good night to all his animal friends and goes to sleeeeep!


What we loved about the book:

Every once in a while comes along a delightful little book that children immediately fall in love with- “I’m So Sleepy” is one of those books. With a colorful coterie of animal characters and an elephant who misses his Amma, and cannot fall asleep on his own, this is a book that is so perfect for bedtime, when your little ones fight sleep trying to stay awake. The illustrations by Priya Kurian are a riot of color and lend a very Indian feel to the book.


Publisher Recommended Age : 3+ years


Read this enchanting bedtime story to your kids and watch them fall in love with Bahadur and his friends!

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