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Book Review - Inspiring Women Achievers Combo

Book Review - Inspiring Women Achievers Combo

The Inspiring Women Achievers Combo at The Nestery is a set of three books published by Pratham that pay ode to Indian women in STEM. The books that are part of the combo are Sudipta Sengupta - The Rock Reader, The Girl Who Thinks in Numbers - Data Warrior Prukalpa Sankar, and Anna's Extraordinary Experiments with Weather.



Today, Feb 11, 2020 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a day of smashing stereotypes, defying gender related biases, and defeating discriminatory practices that hold back women and girls from participating and contributing in STEM fields. So we thought it only fitting that we review a set of books that celebrate women achievers in STEM today!

Sudipta Sengupta - The Rock Reader - Written by Veena Prasad and illustrated by Manjari Chakravarti, this book is an ode to Sudipta Sengupta, the first Indian female geologist to set foot in Antartica and among the first two Indian women scientists to do so - Aditi Pant, a marine biologist from India. The book tells us the career curve of Sudipta, how she dreamt of being a mountaineer and turned to geology - the study of rocks and their formation instead. Trained by Tenzing Norgay, she explores rock formation in the remotest of places, only to finally be called to join the mission to set up India's first research station, the Dakshin Gangotri, in Antartica in 1983, one among her many achievements as a woman in STEM.


The Girl Who Thinks in Numbers - Data Warrior Prukalpa Sankar - Written by Shreyasi Singh and illustrated by Rai, this book narrates the story of Prukalpa Sankar, the entrepreneur behind SocialCops, an organisation that uses technology helps convert information from a community into data, that can then be used to help the community in meaningful ways. Along with her colleague Varun, Prukalpa's SocialCops has partnered with various governments, philanthophies and non profit organisations all over the world.


 Anna's Extraordinary Experiments with Weather - Written by Nandita Jayaraj, and illustrated by Priya Kurian, this book takes us on a journey through Anna Mani's life. Anna was a weather scientist whose first love was books, and who built nearly one hundred weather gadgets in her own factory!



5-10 Years


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