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Book Review - Kathas of the Jungle Combo

Book Review - Kathas of the Jungle Combo

"Kathas of the Jungle" is a book combo curated by The Nestery. It comprises of three wildlife conservation focused titles from Katha India, an Indian publisher of children's books. This is a very special combo because the first two of the three titles have been written by wildlife specialists and illustrated by a wildlife enthusiast - must buys for children who love books on wildlife.

1. Walk the Grasslands with Takuri by Nima Manjrekar and Nandita Hazarika, illustrated by Maya Ramaswamy

2. Walk the Rainforest with Niwupah by Aparajita Datta and Nima Manjrekar, illustrated by Maya Ramaswamy

3. A Jungle Safari by Geeta Dharmarajan and illustrated by Sonal Panse



"Walk the Grasslands with Takuri" takes us on a journey through the wet grasslands or Terai of India, home to the pygmy hogs. Narrated by Takuri, the pygmy hog, the book speaks about the importance of grasslands, its inhabitants - the hunter and the hunted, the dangers to the grasslands, and what we can do to save the grasslands, which is home to so many species of wildlife. It also speaks about the Pygmy Hog conservation programme, a breeding and conservation programme to save Takuri and her species from extinction. This book has been developed by Katha in collaboration with WWF.

"Walk the Rainforest with Niwupah" takes us on yet another journey through the rainforests of North East India, with Niwupah, the Great Indian hornbill. Narrated by Niwupah, the readers learn about the wonders of our rainforests, the life of a hornbill, the danger that our rainforests are in, how this in turn endangers the hornbills and what we can do to conserve the rapidly disappearing rainforests.

"A Jungle Safari" is a stroll through the lush forests of Mudumalai in the Nilgiris, in South India, with Bhama, the elephant, as she takes us on a safari to encounter the incredible Gaur, the Indian bison that is presently an endangered species in India. Learn facts about the gaur, and all the other species that inhabit the dense forest of Mudumalai in this book!


6+ Years


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