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Have you checked out Cocobear at The Nestery? Cocobear is an Indian brand, based out of Mumbai, that designs early learning material for young children.

The Nestery reviews one of their best selling products today – a set of 5 books on body safety, designed to empower children to stay safe.


The threat of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is real. According to the National Crime Record Bureau, as many as 109 children were reported to have been sexually abused everyday in 2018 – and considering the stigma in India against sexual abuse survivors, the actual figures could be much higher.

In India especially, we are also dealing with the widely prevalent misconception of sex = sexual education with parents reluctant to discuss uncomfortable topics with children. Enter this book set, that helps to initiate the all-important discussions around topics like consent, body safety, emotions, keeping secrets, while also busting myths around phrases like “stranger danger”.




The Body Safety Set is a great resource for caregivers to initiate discussions with their child around consent, body safety, emotions, secrets, while also busting myths like “stranger danger”. With activities and contextual examples, these books discuss the below topics:

Understanding Feelings – This book helps your child identify the emotions they are feeling, while at the same time recognizing those feelings that make them feel unsafe. Establish a group of 5 people that your child considers safe or the "trusted circle".

Saying No is Okay – Raise an assertive child. Normalize saying, hearing and respecting a 'No'. Boundaries and consent are discussed in this book through various situations to help your child grasp these concepts better.

My Body Belongs to Me – Lets talk your child through bodily autonomy. Big, or small, your child owns their body! Teach them the body parts that are private, unsafe touch, and about what to do when they feel unsafe, or are touched inappropriately.

Secrets and Surprises – What is the difference, you ask? Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) starts with small secrets and slowly morphs into larger secrets that the child is asked to hide from their circle of trust. Explain the difference between surprises and secrets through examples. This book advises to keep a “no secrets” policy with a child too young to understand the nuance.


Too Smart for Tricks –This book busts myths about "stranger danger". Statistics have proven that perpetrators of CSA are more often than not, family members or a known person, rather than strangers. Discuss with your child how looks are deceptive, and establish ground rules that will hold your child in good stead when faced with a tricky situation that could put them in danger.

The only con? The books do not name the private parts, which we wish they had! But nevertheless, a great set of books to have around for a younger child (Cocobear recommends this for 2-7 years).

To buy the set of 5 books,visit here –

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