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Book Review - Kozhukatta

Book Review - Kozhukatta

Kozhukatta, is a humorous foodie tale written by Sumi Chandrasekaran and illustrated by Zafouko Yamamoto, published by Tota Books.



Ponnu was such a forgetful person! He could remember absolutely nothing! Nothing, except for his way back home!

Ponnu also loved to eat, and his worst nightmare was forgetting the name of all the yummy food he got to eat.

So, one day, Ponnu set off to his friend Kunju's house, and Kunju and his wife served Ponnu, these spongy, white, coconutty, spiced balls.... mmmmm. They were so delicious, that Ponnu just had to ask - what was the name of that food that was served???!!!

But the name was not easy! It was such a tongue twister, and so difficult to remember for an already forgetful Ponnu!

Do you think Ponnu can remember such a difficult name? Kozhukatta is the story of how Ponnu eventually does!

A funny story about food, Kozhukatta is sure to leave your children rolling with laughter!


4-8 Years


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