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Book Review - Lunch Friends

Book Review - Lunch Friends

Lunch Friends is a children's story book published by Tota Books - an imprint of Full Circle Publishing, written by Srividhya Venkat and illustrated by Shailja Jain Chougule.



Little Mihir is at his Ammamma's(Tamil for Nani) house for his vacation, and every day at lunch time, he sees his Ammamma keeping a big ball of paruppu sadam (dal rice) with ghee on a windowsill. Whenever his ammamma keeps the food, birds and small animals flock to the window from the nearby mango tree to eat the dal rice with gusto.

But one vacation, there are no visitors at lunch time. When little Mihir learns why, he is upset, but quickly realizes that he can bring his lunch friends back with a simple solution, and that he can even have his own lunch friends at his house too!

Shaija's colorful illustrations and Srividhya's lovely story show us how size is not an impediment to do big things in Lunch Friends!



4-8 Years


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