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Book Review - My Dad At The Zoo

Book Review - My Dad At The Zoo

Published in India by tota books, My Dad At The Zoo, written by Coralie Saudo and illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo is a zany take on role reversal between a parent and child.



What happens when a father starts acting like a child, and a child like the parent? So you have a father jumping around excitedly, because it is Sunday, and zoo day! The child tries to rein in the dad, but the dad's excitement keeps building with momentum gathering, as they reach the zoo and see the animals.

Going bonkers at the sight of animals? Check. Being careless and losing accessories? Check. Souvenir shop mayhem? Check.

My Dad at the Zoo is a fun book to read, with pictures that effectively bring out the comedy in parenting role reversal!



4-8 years

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