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Book Review - Nikoo's Paintbrush

Book Review - Nikoo's Paintbrush

Nikoo’s Paintbrush


Nikoo’s Paintbrush, published by Tulika Publishers, and written and illustrated by Gurpreet Kaur is a window into the imagination of Nikoo, a boy who with a cat who loves to paint out the scenes from the books he reads.


What is the book about?


Nikoo reads a book with Sher Singh, his cat and his imagination comes alive. He makes a blob of blue, falls into the painting, swirling around the blue ocean he has painted, and keeps painting the landscape (or is it seascape?!) around him. Little Nikoo proves to be very handy with his paint brush – when he is too tired to swim, he paints a boat! When he is lonely, he paints his cat. And when he encounters weather related problems, he paints them away with props!


What we liked about the book


Nikoo’s resourcefulness with the paintbrush and his eclectic sense of imagination (he paints jelabis to prevent Sher Singh from eating the fish!) make this book a really fun read for your toddlers and pre schoolers.

Publisher Recommended Age – 3+ years

Use Nikoo’s Paintbrush as an opportunity to teach your children that the sky, or in Nikoo’s case, the ocean is the limit when it comes to their imaginative possibilities.

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