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Book Review - Padma Goes To Space

Book Review - Padma Goes To Space

Padma Goes to Space is a space fantasy book, written by Swetha Prakash, illustrated by Shreya Sen, and published by Tulika Books.



Padma loves the book "The Time Travel Adventures of the Amazing Eight" and as children are prone to be, she is on a flight of fantasy! Amma is calling out for her to eat bhindi, and Padma doesn't want Bhindi! 

All she wants to eat Rock Star Salad, and the delicious natural ice cream that is made from fruit juice, erupting from volcanoes on Galaxy Stellar 5689, as detailed in her favorite book!

Padma Goes to Space vividly details how books enable imagination, and how flights of fantasy can be as real as the world around you. You just need to believe in them enough!

Shreya Sen's whimsical illustrations deserve a special mention, especially the one that visually shows how bhindi eating makes one good at maths!



5+ years


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