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Book Review - Panipuri Inside a Spaceship

Book Review - Panipuri Inside a Spaceship

Have you thought about how important gravity is to people on Earth?

And about how important gravity is to the food habits we have?



Published by Pratham Books, Panipuri inside a Spaceship by Vidya Pradan, illustrated by Arpita Bhattacharjee, explores food habits in space, in a very hypothetical, and funny visual manner.

How do astronauts eat and drink inside a spaceship?

How does the lack of gravity change how we taste and digest food?

And, what would be the cons of having Panipuri in space?! 😜

Fun illustrations bring to life, the food habits of an astronaut in space!



5 - 9 Years

Available as a single -

Or buy as part of the Space out combo, a set of space themed books curated by The Nestery, here -

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