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Book Review - peek-a-book Set of 4 Interactive Picture Books

Book Review - peek-a-book Set of 4 Interactive Picture Books

Peek-A-Book Set 01 is the latest new offering from Tara Books. Illustrated by Kaori Takahashi, Peek-a-book is a set of 4 wordless books for toddlers, that are flip open and interactive!



Peek-a-book Set consists of 4 wordless board books that fold out to reveal a complete story!

The Tree - The book opens to reveal a tree, step by step, and as the book unfolds, you see the story of the occupants unfolding as well!

Birthday Surprise! - A girl meets her friends on her birthday and as the unfolds, so do the surprises her friends have planned for her!

Boo! - Peek a boo! Each page of the book unfolds to a character doing Peek a Boo! Sure to be a big hit with toddlers!

Who's hungry? - Someone is eating their lunch! Who can it be?! Unfold the book to find out!



0+ years


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