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Book Review - Pickle Mania

Book Review - Pickle Mania

Pickle Mania, from Tota Books, is written by Srividhya Venkat and illustrated by Shailja Jain Chougule.



Nitya is sitting for lunch with her grandparents, and they have something extra on their plate, that looks delicious! But alas! She cannot have it because it is pickle, and pickles are too spicy for children!

Nitya is still eager to taste the pickles, and she sneakily goes dippity dip, lickitty lick in all the pickle jars! They are so spicy, that her tongue burns, her eyes water and her nose runs! 

Determined, Nitya sets out, with her grandmother's help. to make her own pickle - a pickle just for children. But whatever is she to do, when one pickle turns out too sweet, and the other pickle, too sour???!!!

Does Nitya find a way to make the pickle taste perfect??

Lovely colorful illustrations and an engaging narrative make Pickle Mania a wonderful read for young children.



4-8 years


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