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Book Review - Pishi and Me

Book Review - Pishi and Me

Pishi and Me, written by Timira Gupta, illustrated by Rajiv Eipe, and published by Pratham Books, explores the beautiful relationship between Chutku and his aunt.


Little Chutku loves to go on walks with his aunt.

In Pishi and Me, we go on a walk with Chutku and his Pishi, through the lanes of a beautiful neighborhood, that abounds with nature and people.

The readers do not see Chutku or Pishi, but we see the world from Chutku's perspective, in all its glory, whether it is a cat that Chutku sees, or the neighborhood shopkeeper, or the treasures he loves to collect and then hand over to his loving Pishi.


Level 2 Pratham Book for 2-6 year olds.

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