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Book Review - Ranganna

Book Review - Ranganna

Ranganna written by Arthi Anand Navaneeth, and illustrated by Tulika Publishers, is a riot of color. Illustrated by Kavita Singh Kale in a wondrously vivid palette, the book features Ranganna as the elephant protagonist who loves colors.


Ranganna loves the colors of everything around him! He observes and celebrates colors – the colors of flowers, sarees, bangles, dupattas worn by everyone visiting the temple; clothes drying in the ghat; the rainbow; and the colors of the pavadais his friends Anushka and Aditi wear. Guess what else? He is enraptured by the lovely nail paints worn by his friends! And he wants to wear the nailpaints himself!


So what do Anushka and Aditi do? They set out to color the 18 nails of Ranganna themselves with different colors, because, of course, Ranganna loves COLORS!


What we, at The Nestery, loved about the book – Ranganna is clearly male and an elephant to boot, but his friends acknowledge his love for colors without ridicule and grant his wish to have his nails colored. And did you know the Asian elephant had 18 nails? I didn’t, and now I do (it is a correct fact, we checked!).

The illustrations stunningly capture the essence of the ghats, and the unbridled, child-like delight of Ranganna when he delightfully shows off his beautifully painted nails.


So if your child says only girls paint their nails, or that boys don’t paint their nails, read out Ranganna to them to show them, that everyone, even an elephant gets to paint their nails, not because of who they are, but just because… they want to.

Ranganna is published by Tulika Publishers (


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