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Book Review - Red

Book Review - Red

Once in a blue moon, comes a book that leaves you with goosebumps all over, a book that makes you think hard.

Red, by Sagar Kolwankar, is one such book. Published by Tulika, Red explores the feelings of children in war torn countries - a plight that is becoming a reality much too often, in many countries of the world.


A child finds a kite - a bright red kite. Mesmerized by its color, he decides Red is his favorite color.

As he plays with it, the palette across the pages changes from yellow, to orange, to reddish hues, to the blue of the sky.

And then... And then it ominously turns dark blue, and black, with the arrival of war planes and bombs, signifying the imminent danger.

As the boy cowers behind a wall, the ground turns red.

And although the book ends on a tone of hope, it leaves you with a sense of foreboding, darkness and heaviness in your heart and spirit that is hard to shake off.

Red is hard hitting, and not a book for light reading.

But as a parent, would you read this to your child? I would, for, it is better for your child to know the hard hitting truth than hide behind rose tinted glasses, pretending all is right with this world.

Publisher Recommended Age:

6+ years

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