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Book Review - Sadiq Wants to Stitch

Book Review - Sadiq Wants to Stitch

We have a special place in our heart for books that break gender stereotypes. Sadiq Wants to Stitch is one such gem of a book from Karadi Tales.


Sadiq belongs to the Bakarwal community of Kashmir, whose women are famed for their beautiful and unique embroidery.

Sadiq's Ammi embroiders the most beautiful rugs, and she sometimes lets him tries his hand at embroidering in a corner of the rugs she makes. But Sadiq wants more. And Ammi says only women stitch in their community.

Does Sadiq's realise his dream of stitching a floral colorful rug, despite his Ammi's staunch beliefs?

Niloufer Wadia illustrates dreamily for this gender-norms defying story by Mamta Nainy.


7-9 Years

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