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Book Review - Shabana and The Baby Goat

Book Review - Shabana and The Baby Goat

Shabana and The Baby Goat, published by Tulika Books, is written by Samina Mishra and illustrated beautifully by Roshini Pochont.


What the book is about:

Shabana and The Baby Goat explores the lovely relationship between animals and children. Kajiri the baby goat follows Shabana everywhere, and the two become inseparable. But when Kajiri starts growing up and starts to chew everything in sight, as goats are wont to do, everyone around wants to have Kajiri locked up.

But the ever resourceful Shabana comes up with a solution that is a win-win for all! And Kajiri and Shabana are back to being inseparable, and best friends forever.


What we loved about the book:

Lovely, colorful illustrations and a fun story make this book a must-buy!


Publisher recommended Age: 4+ years


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