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Book Review: Soda and Bonda

Book Review: Soda and Bonda

Soda and Bonda by Niveditha Subramaniam, is a wonderfully offbeat book about friendship, diversity, and identity. The story revolves around Soda, a dog and Bonda, a cat who are friends.

Soda and Bonda are friends, but when Bonda, the cat identifies himself as a dog, it leads to rejection by Soda, who refuses to acknowledge Bonda’s perception regarding his identity.

The illustrations, also by Niveditha, beautifully depict how Bonda, doesn’t conform to the stereotype of a cat, when he wags his tail, licks Soda’s face or plays with Soda’s toys. The book, heartwarmingly, ends on a positive note with Soda acknowledging Bonda as a dog.

While on the surface, it seems like a simple story about a cat and a dog, the tale also explores issues of identity, self-perception, and awareness in an abstract fashion.

We, at The Nestery feel that this is an apt book to speak to your children about how it is ok to be different, and also about embracing those differences, while not falling prey to stereotyping or pigeonholing.

Soda and Bonda is published by Tulika Publishers -


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