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Book Review - Squishy Tomatoes Combo

Book Review - Squishy Tomatoes Combo

Squishy Tomatoes Combo, curated by The Nestery, is a set of 2 books from Tota Books, an imprint of Full Circle Publishing. Written by Niyatee Parikh Sharma and illustrated by Alankrita Amaya, this is a set of children's books (The Tomato Flood and The Tomato Thief) featuring the same characters - Veer and Ananya, venturing into investigations featuring, what else but tomatoes!



  • The Tomato Flood - There is a flood of tomatoes suddenly in Baba's garden, and Veer and Ananya do not know how! Little do they realise that their playful afternoon of flinging tomatoes at each other has resulted in so many tomato plants! What will they do now - Mummy has made everything possible with tomatoes, and they CANNOT fathom eating tomato laddoos (Yes! Mummy wants to make tomato laddoos and it already sounds so yucky!). Read the book to find out what they did with the abundance of tomatoes!
  • The Tomato Thief - Veer has been waiting with fervent excitement for the tomato plant to bear fruit, and now that it finally has, Mumma says he has to wait for the tomatoes to turn red! But someone keeps stealing the tomatoes, just as they turn ripe, even before Veer can lay his hands on them! Can it be Ananya? Or can it be the mali? Or, is it the cook??!! Veer is determined to find out the mystery of the tomato thief!


4-8 Years


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