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Book Review - The Case of The Stolen Smells

Book Review - The Case of The Stolen Smells

The Case of The Stolen Smells, is a witty story book published by Karadi Tales, written by Pankaja Srinivasan and illustrated strikingly by Satwik Gade.



It is month end, and so, Raju, the barber has just plain rice for his lunch. But he makes do with it, by smelling the delicious bajjis that Babu is making, just across the road. Poor Kannan also joins him to partake in the experience of this unique meal, but when Babu comes to know what is happening, all hell breaks loose! When the bajji seller, Babu demands money from Kannan and Raju for smelling his bajjis, the dispute is taken in front of Sattapadi, the village headman, who has a clever and fair solution to the problem. Will Raju and Kannan have to pay money for smelling the bajjis?


7-9 years

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