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Book Review - The Frogs Who Loved to Sing

Book Review - The Frogs Who Loved to Sing

The Frogs Who Loved to Sing is a children's story book by Anita Rai Thappan, illustrated by Nirzara Verulkar and published by Tota Books.



Rohan's grandmother has a beautiful garden with a pond, filled with lotuses and... frogs! Yes, and a huge family of them at that! Dadu frog, Bheka - the father frog, Manduki, the mother frog, and their children, Vyanga, Ajambha, Manduka and Hari all live in Rohan's grandmother's pond.

And when it rains, its a symphony!

But one day, the frogs stop singing.

Why did they stop singing?

Six year old Rohan sets out to find out why, in this lovely book for all nature lovers!



4-8 years


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