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Book Review - The Poop Book!

Book Review - The Poop Book!

The Poop Book! is a book about animal poop! Yes, you read that right! The Poop Book, written by Tejaswini Apte-Rahm and Sujatha Padmanabhan and illustrated by Priya Kurian, is about the world of animal poop - what happens to it in the jungle, what do animals signal with their poop, and basically all things poop!



Which child is not fascinated by poop? The average five year old is full of jokes about potty, and trust us, their obsession with potty and pee only increases as they turn older!

Enter your saving grace - The Poop Book! Published by Kalpavriksh, Sujatha and Tejaswini explore the intriguing universe of animal poop! The book is strewn with fact nuggets about animal poop - for example, did you know the vulture pees on its own legs to protect itself from infections and to keep itself warm? Or that the hippo and the lion use their poop to mark their territory? Or that the opossum poops on itself when in danger to pretend that its dead?! 

If there is one book you need to get for your 4-8 year old, let it be this one! And bonus! - The Poop Book comes with a bookmark made of .... elephant and rhino poop!!!



4-8 Years


The Poop Book is available at The Nestery as part of the "Wildlife and I" book combo and also as a single here -*+poop*+book*

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