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Book Review - The Tota Quirky Grandparents Combo

Book Review - The Tota Quirky Grandparents Combo

The Quirky Grandparents Combo is a set of two books - "My Grandfather's Funny Eyebrows" (by Mamta Nainy and Arthy Muthanna Singh, illustrated by Shreya Sen) and "Mutthasi's Missing Teeth" (by Mamta Nainy, illustrated by Debasish Sarma), published by Tota Books, an imprint of Full Circle Publishing.



My Grandfather's Funny Eyebrows is a funny take on the special scruffy eyebrows that only grandfathers can have and how they can be used to express a whole range of emotions from happy to angry to silly to grumpy! Zayaan's grandfather is one of a kind and so are his eyebrows!!! 

Mutthasi's Missing Teeth has a grandmother who has misplaced her false teeth and is in a pickle ever since! Watch how Mutthasi and her grand daughter crack the mystery of the missing teeth, all while Mutthasi moans and groans in that funny way that people talk when they do not have teeth!



4-8 Years


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