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Book Review - Thukpa for All

Book Review - Thukpa for All

"Thukpa for All" written by Praba Ram and Sheila Preuitt, stunningly illustrated by Shilpa Ranade and published by Karadi Tales, is a beautiful and warm book that brings out the generosity of heart and spirit in a close-knit community in Ladakh.

What the book is about:

All of Tsering's thoughts that evening, center around the delicious and chunky thukpa, the noodle soup that his Abi makes so well.

And as Tsering walks along the lanes of his mountainous village, he calls out to everyone he meets, to join his family at his home to partake of his Abi's thukpa.

As a meal for two snowballs slowly into a large event, his Abi rises up to the occasion, powered by the gracious gifts from all the invitees. 

But alas! The power gets cut and Abi is at a loss as to how to make thukpa for all with no lights.

But now, it is time for Tsering to show what he is capable of, even when it is pitch dark. 


What we loved about the Book:

Told from Tsering's perspective, Thukpa for All gently touches upon small pointers that let us know that Tsering is blind. But, refreshingly, that is not the focus of this story. How Tsering rises up to the occasion shows that, for Tsering, his visual impairment does not define him as an individual and that he is no different from any other child.

The close knit warmth of the Ladakhi community and generosity of spirit that Tsering and his Abi show make this a feel-good book that makes us sing like Tsering.

Hot, hot thukpa,

Hearty, chunky thukpa, 

Yummy, spicy thukpa


Publisher's Age Recommendation :

7-9 years

Thukpa for All was selected for the 2019 IBBY list of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities.

Shortlisted for the Neev Children’s Book Award, 2019.

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