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Book Review - Whose Lovely Child Can You Be?

Book Review - Whose Lovely Child Can You Be?

If you are an adoptive parent, this book is for you, to read to your child.

Whose Lovely Child Can You Be?, written by Shobha Viswanath and illustrated by Christine Tappin is published by Karadi Tales.



Whose Lovely Child Can You Be? explores the bonds between an adopted child, Gul, and her extended family members, who assure her firmly of their immense love and affection for her, when she unexpectedly gets to know that she is adopted.


Sample this:

Grandpa: She's got my talent!

Grandma: She's got my grace!

Uncle: She laughs like me!

Amma: She's got my face!

Kogi: She's my sister!

Aunt: She's my niece!

Grandpa and Grandma: She's our grandchild!

Amma and Appa: SHE'S OURS PLEASE!


Gul is mine!

No, Gul is mine!

Gul, Gul, Gul, Gul,

Aren't you mine?


This book is a powerful reminder to the adoptive child, that familial bonds and love go beyond genes and a must-have on your bookshelf if you are an adoptive parent.


7-9 years.


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