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The Best 10 Indian Books for Babies and Toddlers at The Nestery

The Best 10 Indian Books for Babies and Toddlers at The Nestery

When I was a new parent, it never struck me that babies would like books.

And yes, I did buy my child a token book from a local shop, just to see what he would do, and he did NOT disappoint. The book was chewed upon (No, I most definitely did NOT birth a goat!) and then lay discarded in a corner for the next month or so.

But I persisted. I bought some more books, this time more colorful and with more vivid pictures, and less words. I bought books that wove concepts into stories. And he loved them! I now have a child who loves books, and this has convinced me that books and babies are a match made in heaven! 😊


So, here are 10 best selling children’s books at The Nestery for your toddler, from some popular Indian publishers, curated just for you!


1. Ammachi’s Glasses – Who doesn’t love Ammachi’s Glasses? A wordless book, illustrated and conceptualized by the inimitable Priya Kurian, Ammachi (grandparent in Malayalam) does not disappoint with her funny senility and her poor eyesight. LOL at the mishaps that ensue, all because Ammachi’s Glasses are missing!

Ammachi’s Glasses is published by Tulika Pubishers and available to buy at The Nestery here –


2. Ammama’s Saree – Life comes a full circle. What was norm two generations back, went out of vogue and is now back in common lexicon again. “Sustainability, Minimalism and Upcycling” come to the forefront in Ammama’s Saree, as Niveditha Subramaniam captures the thriftiness of an Ammama (vernacular for grandparent in certain regions of South India) who puts her sewing skills to good use. And lo, behold her torn blue saree morphing into many different things for the house and baby! All this, in a wordless format.

Ammama’s Saree is published by Tulika Publishers and available to buy at The Nestery here -


3. A-Z of India Alphabet collection – Indigrow Kids is the newest kid on the block with their India inspired collection of A-Z Alphabets. Each alphabet is introduced in a very Indian manner, for example, you have A for “Aiyyoo!” said Aunty as the Auto went over a pothole! Or take M – How many Mangoes can Meera the Monkey eat?

And this collection is available not only as a book, but also as flashcards, giant floor puzzle and a memory game, so that the concepts are reinforced repeatedly in different forms, helping your child form a strong connect to their Indian roots.


Buy from the A-Z of India collection by Indigrow here at The Nestery -*+of*+india*+indigrow*


4. Peek-a-book – Tara Books presents peek-a-book, a set of 4 interactive books that unfold to reveal a story. With minimal/no words and vivid and captivating illustrations by Kaori Takahashi, Peek a book consists of the following four story books:

a. The Tree - The book opens to reveal a tree, step by step, and as the book unfolds, you see the story of the occupants unfolding as well!

b. Birthday Surprise! - A girl meets her friends on her birthday and as the unfolds, so do the surprises her friends have planned for her!

c. Boo! - Peek a boo! Each page of the book unfolds to a character doing Peek a Boo! Sure to be a big hit with toddlers!

d. Who's hungry? - Someone is eating their lunch! Who can it be?! Unfold the book to find out!

Buy Peek-a-book at The Nestery here -


5. Colors of India collection – If you liked the idea of an India inspired series of books for early readers or toddlers, then you will love Indigrow’s Colours of India collection!

Much like its predecessor, the A-Z Alphabets of India, Colours of India explores the colours that make India the vivid and diverse country it is, and in the process, makes your child develop a strong connect with the India you grew up in!

Koko, the black crow takes us on a journey around India, in the baby board book, and what a colorful journey it turns out to be, with red postboxes, yellow marigolds, blue peacocks, and much more.

And in the storybook for slightly older children, join Koko, as he feels a tinge of envy whenever he sees all the colorful things around him in his flight across India, only to finally realize that his color may actually be what is best for him!

Buy from the Indigrow Colours of India collection at the Nestery here -*+colours*+of*+india*


6. Akkad Bakkad – Those of us who are from the Hindi speaking parts of India have grown up with the Punjabi rhyme “akkad bakkad bumbe bo”, haven’t we?

Now see Akkad Bakkad and some wacky numbers come to life, inside the pages of a baby board book, but hey – the words are different and in English in a few places!

Akkad Bakkad, published by Tulika Publishers, is available to buy at The Nestery here -


7. Haathi Bhai – Gujarati rhyme adaptation this way! Follow Haathi (Hindi for elephant) Bhai in this colourful and vivid board book, as he strolls around waving his ears and swinging his trunk, and generally being all merry!

Haathi Bhai is published by Tulika Publishers and available to buy at The Nestery here -


8. Tara’s Flowers, Vegetables and Fruits of India – Tara Books’ series of baby board books on the flowers, vegetable and fruits of India pays ode to the rich variety that India has to offer, when it comes to its vegetation, with real life pictures. The exotic and the familiar at once merge to take your children on a visual journey in these lovely board books!

Flowers of India, Vegetables of India and Fruits of India are available to buy at The Nestery here -


9. Pooni, Pooni, Where are You? – Follow a young girl as she looks for Pooni, her cat that is playing hide and seek with her! Babies and toddlers will have fun spotting Pooni, hidden among the pages of this board book from Tulika Publishers!

Buy Pooni, Pooni, Where are You? at The Nestery here -


10. Karadi Tales For Toddlers Collection – Karadi Tales has 3 books for your toddlers to teach them about basic concepts of colors, numbers and shapes. 

a. One Rainy Day – Learn numbers along with the rain in this stunning board book from Karadi Tales that artistically captures a rainy day with a melange of collages, photos and design!

b. Fetch That Colour – Join Rosa, Gulla and her cousins as they join Uncle Vasu in a game of “Fetch That Colour”. Lovely illustrations teach toddlers the basic concept of colours and to view the world around them through the lens of colour!

c. Let’s Roll Out a Circle! – Anyone learning to make roti knows that it is the most difficult task to get a round one – as do Rosa, Gulla and their cousins, when they are called to help their Amma make rotis. Watch them roll out a multitude of shapes, in their bid to achieve that elusive circle, and learn the names of shapes with them in this colourful book from Karadi.

Buy these books here -


So, there we have it! A list of ten of the best sellers at The Nestery when it comes to the best of Indian Literature for babies and toddlers! Happy shopping and reading aloud to your babies!

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