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Brands We Love - Meet Chetna and Ankita of "big little things"

Brands We Love - Meet Chetna and Ankita of "big little things"

Meet Chetna and Ankita, the people behind “big little things”, whose flash cards are best sellers at The Nestery!


Please tell us a bit about yourselves!

We are Chetna and Ankita – both of us have experience in the corporate sector and come from the international real estate background. Motherhood drew us closer and we decided to do something on our own. Both of us are passionate, and fun loving, and we simply had to get away from the clutter of a 9-5 job.


How was blt born?

The name is inspired by our daughters who were 4 years old. And what stood out the most then was how Big these Little Things really were :) Hence Big Little Things was born :) For our logo we wanted something simple and sweet.

Ever since we had our kids, we knew we wanted to step out of the corporate world. Our daughters were the world to us and we knew that whatever we do, had to be in the child space. We are extensive researchers and believers in early education. We also believe that learning happens mostly at home. We did a lot of activities with our kids, read to them extensively, set up sensory trays, bookish play and a lot of free play / unstructured play as well.

We wanted to create something that will help families bond together because we felt that the dads were being left out of this experience. Our card games are the easiest, fastest and one of the funnest ways to quickly bond and create happy memories -all of our card games can be played over 3 generations and are guaranteed to create oodles of fun and laughter.


What makes blt unique?

Our ability to create games that break through the stereotypical age brackets and provide an easy and fun opportunity for family bonding.


What values does blt stand for?

Fun family time.


Why list blt on The Nestery?

The Nestery came to our focus when we were all part of a group which recommended and reviewed books for children. We soon realized that the Nestery was a great fit for blt.

We love it that the Nestery provides an easy platform for parents to find curated and high quality products for children. And here we are :)


To see the flash cards from big little things, go here -

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