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Brands We Love - Meet Deeksha of ALT Retail

Brands We Love - Meet Deeksha of ALT Retail

Meet Deeksha of ALT Retail, the authorized distributor of bobo & boo bamboo dinnerware in India.

Hi Deeksha! Why the name ALT Retail? What was your impetus to start your business?

ALT Retail simply translates to Alternative Retail Experience. I conceived it as a place for safer & eco-friendly alternatives for kids products.

We started in 2018 with one international kids brand and we now have two brands under our umbrella brand, ALT Retail. Soon after I became a mom and was looking for plastic free but fun and stylish dinnerware for my son, I came across bobo &boo bamboo dinnerware and that was the impetus to start ALT Retail.

What makes ALT Retail unique?

I think it would have to be that we retail beautiful, safe & eco-friendly products without compromising on safety standards and quality.

What values does ALT Retail stand for?

Aesthetically designed, safe & eco-friendly products.

Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind ALT Retail!

I am a mother to a 3 year old . I love traveling and interacting with people! I am also an avid reader and a  chai lover.

Why list on The Nestery?

We decided to list on The Nestery because both The Nestery and ALT Retail have the same vision and reason for existence - to provide eco-friendly products to parents. This matching synergy is something we love!

To see the range of bobo and boo bamboo dinnerware at The Nestery, visit here - (

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