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Brands We Love - Meet Ekta Ohri of LitJoys

Brands We Love - Meet Ekta Ohri of LitJoys

Meet Ekta Ohri, author and founder of LitJoys – a brand that creates experiential early learning products for children.


Hi Ekta! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello! I am Ekta, the founder of LitJoys. I used to work as a consultant in the corporate sector, before quitting in 2016 to focus on solving early grade reading related issues. I am also parent to a 5 year old who is kind, considerate and passionate about nature.


How was the idea for LitJoys conceived?

The “Lit” in LitJoys represents little (people), enlightenment and literature. LitJoys represents finding joy in the mundane, everyday moments of life.

Screen time has the potential to adversely affect our children’s social and other developmental skills. As a parent, I decided to keep screens away from my child and instead focused on engaging with him through physical objects and books.

It was soon obvious to me that the happy spontaneous moments we steal from our fast-paced and chaotic lives are often linked to learning experiences with our children. And that objects from our everyday life attracted children more than their toys - think children banging on pots and pans after casting their toys aside!

And thus, the idea for LitJoys took shape.

With LitJoys' products, we provide a multi sensorial three dimensional experience to our children in direct contrast to the two dimensional experience provided by technology. This in turn, results in children developing a strong connect to nature and becoming responsible, considerate and healthier kids.


What makes LitJoys’ products unique?

Our products ensure the following:

▶️ Ensure interaction with people, objects and spaces around the child.

▶️ Build love for reading through experiential play

▶️ Offer a holistic approach to learning

▶️ Bring back the joy of learning among small children.


Why is LitJoys at The Nestery?

We partner with The Nestery because The Nestery’s values of coscious and sustainable parenting match with our values!


Check out LitJoys at The Nestery here –

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