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Brands We Love - Meet Ishita and Sonam of Saffron Stories

Brands We Love - Meet Ishita and Sonam of Saffron Stories

Meet Ishita and Sonam, the entrepreneur duo behind Saffron Stories, a brand that sells early learning products for children focused around Indian heritage.⠀

Tell us a little bit about yourselves, Sonam, and Ishita!⠀

Sonam Mantri – I believe that as parents we often forget to teach our children about our own heritage and when I had my first child I realized how there were many things I would like my child to know but didn't find easily and realized that we are sitting on a rich culture which is absolutely unexplored and decided to work on it myself. ⠀

Ishita Patodia – I have always enjoyed working with children and with my past experience as a music teacher & story teller I knew that children learn best when things are explained in a simple, colourful & pictorial manner and thus came Saffron Stories.⠀

How was Saffron Stories started?⠀

As young mothers, we were finding it difficult finding good content for our children on our country. There is so much available about the whole world but not so much on our rich culture and history and that made us come together and start Saffron Stories.⠀

Saffron is a colour we associate with India, in terms of spices, flowers, robes and we wanted something which would resonate with mothers and children. Stories is because we are storytellers, bringing you stories of our country in a fun, interesting and simple manner.⠀

What makes Saffron Stories unique and standout?⠀

We research content which is not easily available and present it in a manner that is interesting for the child. We want to make our kids fall in love with our country and know our rich culture, heritage & history.⠀

What values does Saffron Stories stand for?⠀

Appreciation of who we are and where we come from and realizing that even with many oddities we are a very cool nation.⠀

What list Saffron Stories on The Nestery?⠀

We love the curation! The Nestery has a great mix of brands and also supports a lot of young women and mothers making the entrepreneur community a stronger and more powerful one.⠀

To see the entire collection from Saffron Stories, visit here -

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