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Brands We Love - Meet Kshama and Akhila of indigrow

Brands We Love - Meet Kshama and Akhila of indigrow

Meet Kshama and Akhila, the creators of indigrow, an India themed eco system of early learning products listed at The Nestery.


Tell us a little bit about yourselves, the creators of indigrow!

Kshama is Chief of All Things at indigrow. Tiny frame, large heart, passionate and feisty, she fights hard for the things she believes in. She loves the outdoors, forever ready to go hiking and surfing. She is also an ardent fan of conscious living and passionate about all things sustainable.

Akhila is Chief Storyteller at indigrow. A bucket load of sunshine, she is also a writer and an artist. On days when she is not dreaming up stories, she can be found with a cup of tea, reading Georgette Heyer.


How was indigrow conceived?

Kshama - I grew up in India, but 16 years, 5 countries and 4 jobs later, I now live in Singapore, with my South African husband.

When we found out I was pregnant, I realised that my child was going to be half South African, half Indian, born in Singapore and would probably live in many other countries.

I wanted to share with my child the India I grew up in - a relatable, contemporary India - because ROOTS, you know?

I called upon my bestie who is a passionate early childhood development(ECD) expert. Together we embarked on creating an Indian universe of ECD tools that could help my child grow with India. Hence the name, Indigrow.

The logo stands for well rounded, colourful fun - that's us!


What makes indigrow unique?

indigrow is more than books and games, we are an experience. We are a contemporary culture play company that believes in nurturing empathy and imagination. Using culture as a conduit, we design interconnected books and games which spark conversations, are nostalgic and facilitate cross generational relationships. We put a lot of thought and care in design, so all of our products are eco-friendly, recyclable & printed with soy ink.


Why list indigrow at The Nestery?

Conscious parents, sustainable living, thoughtfully curated products: What’s not to love? We love everything about The Nestery!


To see indigrow at The Nestery, go here -

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