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Brands We Love - Meet Mansi of Kindermum

Brands We Love - Meet Mansi of Kindermum

Meet Mansi, the founder of Kindermum, a premium cloth diaper brand at The Nestery.⠀

Tell us a little bit about YOU, the person behind Kindermum.⠀

I am Mansi Modi, mother of 3 year old Pratham and the founder of Kindermum.⠀

I worked in IT for 7 years and developed a love for travel while there. Indian landscapes inspire me, but sadly, they are being polluted due to a lack of awareness and responsibility. My initiative aims to save our Mother Earth through Kindermum. ⠀

How was Kindermum conceived?⠀

My son's skin was quite sensitive for disposable diapers, leading to rashes. And each time, when i used to throw disposables in dustbin, I felt incredibly guilty. ⠀
When he was 3 months old, I was introduced to cloth diapers. It was a love at first sight! They had cute prints, were reusable and environment friendly, while also being economical. ⠀

While building my stash, I realized that there was a dearth of trim fit diapers to go over fancy children’s clothing, and Kindermum Nano AIO was thus born after a lot of research and testing. There was no looking back after that!⠀

The name 'Kindermum' is a manifestation of celebrating this festival called infant-hood with my kid. The logo is a reflection of mother's love for her kid, with a subtle consciousness towards environment protection.⠀

What makes Kindermum unique?⠀

Kindermum is a premium cloth diaper brand, created after months of research, designing and beta testing. Kindermum is one of the trimmest cloth diapers available in the market that is priced affordably, made in India, with lovely prints, and with GOTS certified cotton used for the inserts. We also have a robust customer support to help you with all your queries.⠀

What values does Kindermum stand for?⠀

Kindermum is inspired by Make in India and Swach Bharat Abhiyan. We are a cloth diapering startup, driven by a single mission - ‘Save Mother Earth’.⠀

Why list at The Nestery?⠀

We love The Nestery’s values - providing sustainable options for natural parenting – and are privileged to be part of The Nestery.⠀

Buy Kindermum at The Nestery here -

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