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Brands We Love - Meet Merlin of Essika Kids

Brands We Love - Meet Merlin of Essika Kids

Meet Merlin, the founder of Essika Kids, a kids brand of clothing with unique and minimalistic design aesthetics, available at The Nestery!

How was Essika Kids conceived?⠀

As with most kids brands, it started with wanting something better than what is out there for my child. Design is endless and there is always room for something new. I wanted a brand that would be Indian in essence, showcasing the brilliant hand woven fabrics that are so unique, in styles that are international so it can be appreciated by everyone. Indian clothing design in the kids space is very limited and not really noticed by the global consumer.⠀

The name “Essika Kids” was a modification of my daughter's name, Jessica. She was my first muse. Everything I designed was based on how she would feel in it and how she would move in it. The logo has gone through a lot of changes. It initially started off as something that highlights my love for sewing with a needle through the name. It has since changed into a simple typography because simplicity is where all our designs originate from.⠀

Tell us a little bit about YOU, Merlin.⠀

I have an education in business but was born with strong design instincts, I think, which I realized after becoming a mom. I trained myself with a ton of books on professional sewing and cutting, along with attending many master classes on specific techniques. Fine tuning the craft became an obsession and it took me 4 long years on the cutting room floor to gain confidence in launching a label.⠀

What makes Essika Kids unique?⠀

The tendency to over design when it comes to kids wear is really strong. We refuse to do that. We keep it intentionally simple, giving ample room for tasteful styling.⠀

What are Essika Kids values?⠀

High quality craftsmanship, fair trade and environmental consciousness.⠀

Why have you partnered with The Nestery?⠀

We love the curation at The Nestery and the organic way that it has been built. And we love sharing space with brands that have similar ethos and we get that at The Nestery!⠀


See Essika Kids at The Nestery here –

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