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Brands We Love - Meet Nisha and Vasanth of Ariro

Brands We Love - Meet Nisha and Vasanth of Ariro

Meet Nisha, creative head at Ariro, a Montessori inspired wooden toy brand sold at The Nestery.


A bit about the people behind Ariro please?

I am Nisha, the creative head at Ariro, while my partner, Vasanthkumar Tamilselvan is the business head of Ariro. Vasanth, with masters in social work, has a business expertise of over ten years in the field of advertising and media. I was a Montessori teacher for four years with a graduation in computer Engineering. Our common interest towards providing the best for the next generation set us on this beautiful path of toy making.

What inspired you to start Ariro?

Our daughter was affected by Eczema or atopic dermatitis, so her skin used to react with anything her skin touched. My husband (Vasanth) and I were on the lookout for safe toys and found very limited choices. Hence, armed with my Montessori experience, we started making toys for her through our local carpenter. Our toys were appreciated by our friends, who inspired us to start this as a business. Thus Ariro was born.

What does "Ariro" mean, and tell us a bit about your logo?

"Ariro" is the first lullaby sung to a baby in Tamil. Our logo is a fusion of the first alphabet in tamil (அ ) and English (A).

What makes Ariro unique?

Ariro’s toys are designed using Montessori Principals as the basic guidelines. Our toys take care of your child's developmental needs right from birth, through their toddler years. We chose neem wood as our primary material because it is antibacterial, and due to its medicinal value. Our toys are heirloom toys that can be passed on to the next generations and hence, encourage minimalism while also being sustainable. We also hire artisans who are all across the country ensuring livelihood for them in a world dominated by mass production.

Why list at The Nestery?

The Nestery shares the same ideologies as Ariro, and that is why we have chosen to be here. That said, I personally also love their chirpy, accommodating team!


See the complete range of Ariro at The Nestery here -

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