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Brands We Love - Meet Nupur of Beyond Braille

Brands We Love - Meet Nupur of Beyond Braille

Meet Nupur Agarwal, the founder of Beyond Braille, a one-of-a-kind inclusive tactile picture series at The Nestery for the visually impaired community, consisting of early learning books and storybooks, maps, greeting cards, and much more.⠀

How did the idea for Beyond Braille originate?⠀

During my post-graduation, while I was working on my tactile picture book for visually impaired children, my groundwork with the VI community made me realize that reading should be a more enriching experience for them – they needed to access and understand the world that was hitherto unknown to them.⠀

And what started as a college assignment in 2014, became my motivation to bring the world of visuals to them. My first tactile book for visually impaired children was “Ranchhod Sees the World”, based on the story of a visually impaired teacher, Mr. Ranchhod Soni. I composed that book with the help of an old braille typewriter and thread for the tactile element.⠀

Fast forward to 2016: I resumed my research again by visiting blind pre-schools. This time, thanks to the advancement in technology, we could explore 3D printing and eventually achieved a similar effect with embossing methods and materials, which were also cost-effective.⠀

We launched the brand in 2019 and for the branding, we designed the logo in both English and Braille text, making it look clean, minimal, and inclusive to convey the concept clearly.⠀

What makes Beyond Braille unique?⠀

We have enabled the VI community to feel the true shapes of objects/figures in pictures. This greatly improves their learning speed, and efficiency, making the learning process more enjoyable.⠀

What are Beyond Braille’s values?⠀

👉 Being unique and innovative⠀
👉 Reduce inequality⠀
👉 Making a difference⠀
👉 Provide quality education⠀
👉 Build social value⠀

Lastly, why is Beyond Braille at The Nestery?⠀

We love the idea of a one-stop solution for curated children's products and love that The Nestery is integrating inclusive materials like tactile picture books with the mainstream ones!⠀

Intrigued? Check out Beyond Braille at The Nestery here –
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