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Brands We Love - Meet Pallavi of "Superbottoms"

Brands We Love - Meet Pallavi of "Superbottoms"

Meet Pallavi Utagi, the founder of Superbottoms, an Indian cloth diaper brand being sold at The Nestery.

Tell us a little bit about YOU, as the founder of Superbottoms!

I am Pallavi Utagi, a mother to 5 year old baby Kabir, and a mother who is passionate about cloth diapering .

How and why did you conceive the idea of Superbottoms?

At the start of my parenting journey, we used disposables, but we had to discontinue them following a major diaper rash episode. We also realized that disposables were not good for the environment.

Superbottoms was born out of my research to find a solution to my baby’s diaper rash.

All my research pointed back to my roots when I realized that cotton diapers were the ideal solution for tender baby skin but the discomfort of wetness and inconvenience still remained. This is where we infused comfort and convenience with sustainability to design leak-proof, adjustable and reusable organic cotton diapers.

Our cloth diapers are good for the environment and also tested safe for baby's delicate skin. Also they look super cute on the bum, hence the name Superbottoms. The logo also has m depicting a crawling baby.

Our diapers are CPSIA-certified and the first one wash prep diaper in India, while Superbottoms Plus UNO is the trimmest diaper with a 5 inch crotch.

What values does Superbottoms stand for?

We truly believe in adapting sustainable alternatives to reduce our carbon footprint. We believe what is not good for our own babies can never be good for other babies. We work hard towards making cloth mainstream!

Why list at The Nestery?

Since The Nestery and Superbottoms have the same synerygy of working towards sustainable parenting, we decided to list on The Nestery.

To see the complete cloth diaper collection from Superbottoms, head here -

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